Retaining Walls

By Aurora Landscape • Retaining Walls, Stonework • 8 Feb 2013

Who do you call when that retaining wall starts to FAAALLL?

If you’re a homeowner, chances are that there is a retaining wall somewhere on your property.  It may be a decorative planter or it may be holding up your back yard.  In any case, at some time it may start to lean or even worse fall over.  Are you going to try to repair the wall or should you start over.  In either case here is a checklist of questions that will help you to get a good job next time.  There are numerous kinds of retaining walls: stone, timbers and rockery.


  • Are any property lines near the retaining wall marked so there is no confusion with a neighbour about who is responsible for the wall?
  • Does the wall need a building permit?  Or a railing?
  • If it requires geogrid reinforcing, is there access for installing the geogrid?


  • Is the wall material a style, size and colour that fits in with the rest of the landscaping (goes with the house stone or brick and any other paving materials)?
  • Is the wall engineered to the height required, the soil conditions behind the wall and the load above the wall?
  • Can it be tiered to include planting or used as a sitting wall?
  • Can it be tiered to include planting or used as a sitting wall?


  • Does the wall need a concrete footing (when installed on wet soil)?
  • Does the wall have at least 12″ of 3/4″ clear stone behind the wall?
  • Is all clear stone protected by good quality filter cloth (not landscape fabric)?
  •  Does it have a 4″ perforated pipe with a filter cloth sock draining to an open area?
  • Is all backfill material free of debris and evenly compacted?
  • Are all downspouts and swales directed away from the retaining wall?

Finally and most importantly, are you dealing with a landscape contractor with credentials and experience in building retaining walls?

Aurora Landscape Contractors has been building beautiful landscapes in this area for over 35 years.  The company builds retaining walls from armourstone, cut stone, precast concrete, poured in place concrete, stone and brick veneer over concrete block and even timber.

For design and quotation of your next project, contact Al Trimble B.L.A.  O.A.L.A.

Published in The Auroran- Aurora’s Community Newspaper in June 2012.