Landscaping is a good Investment!

By Aurora Landscape • Before & After, Good Worksmanship • 12 Feb 2013

It has been proven that investing in landscaping is a good investment. An extensive investigation by Money Magazine found that well done landscaping an return 100 to 200 % when selling a house.  It also increases sales appeal (it is the first impression) and speeds the sale.  By comparison the same article found that kitchen remodeling returns 75 to 125 % and bathroom remodeling returns 20 to 120 %. How much is a good investment?  Figure 10% of the value of your house.  About 4% in the front and the rest in the back.  If you bought for $ 750,000.00 that’s $ 30,000.00 in the front and $ 45,000.00 in the back.

Before and After Pics. Which house would you buy?

Front Entrance before;

  Front Entrance After:estate-bungalow-entrance2-copy

Here’s what the experts say: “Landscape investments are recovered fully, and sometimes doubled, via increasing real estate values.” Wall Street Journal

Landscaping could add up to 15 per cent to a home’s value. National Association of Realtors president Walt McDonald of Riverside, Calif., says “When people ask me how they can get strong interest in their property, I always tell them to fix up their landscaping.” Smart Money

“It (landscape design and installation) offers the best return on investment of any home improvement you can make.” Money Magazine

In a recent Gallup research project, home buyers revealed they think landscaping adds 14.87 per cent to a home’s selling price. Landscaping makes economic sense.

BUT the real return is the enjoyment of your life and living space – having fun with family, socializing with friends, and relaxing outdoors.  It’s your home and you probably spend more time there than anywhere else.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  -Theodore Roosevelt   It’s our motto.