Hire a Contractor?

By Aurora Landscape • Good Worksmanship • 8 Feb 2013

How & Why Work With a Landscape Contractor

When you decide to do landscaping at your own home, some jobs may be small enough to do yourself, but to do a larger job yourself might take a summer worth of evenings and weekends.  A landscape contractor might be able to finish the same job in a few days.  It depends on how you want to spend your summer – with a cool drink, or a shovel.

Here are some tips for a successful job:

1. Decide on what the whole family wants.  Make a list, collect pictures or links, sketch your ideas and then call for a professional plan.  A contractor needs a plan to estimate and build your job and you need it so you are sure the contractor is going to build what you want.  It must be to scale, preferable at about 1/4″ per foot and show materials, sizes, grades, major plants, and utilities.

2. Go with the contractor you are comfortable with.  Look for an honest, hard working contractor that comes recommended by friends or associates and has a middle of the road price.  If you pick the cheapest, you’ll probably get a cheap job.  The most expensive may not be worth it.

3. Sign a contract.  It helps clarify both the contractor’s responsibilities and your responsibilities.

4. Provide regular feedback.  Meet once a day with the contractor to go over what is being done.

5. Be reasonable.  Expect a beautiful job but Mother Nature is not a finished kitchen and outside landscaping does change over time.  Posts develop splits, stone has different colours and plants need pruning. The more clear about what you want with your contractor before they begin, the happier you will be when the job is complete.

6. Maintain your landscaping.  Your contractor should provide you with maintenance guidelines just like a car.  Follow them and enjoy your new place.

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