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By Aurora Landscape • Dry Laid Flagstone, Flagstone, Gardens, Interlock, Stonework • 8 Feb 2013

Landscape Low Maintenance 101

When you see a home in the neighbourhood that stands out because it looks so good, it’s probably because of the landscaping.  But no place ever looks good if the landscaping is overgrown and needs repair.  There’s no such thing as NO maintenance.  Mother nature changes everything.  But you can minimize the maintenance to small regular jobs that get you outside and can be fun because they’re not overwhelming.  Here are my suggestions:

1.    Have the job well done.

Poor quality jobs don’t last very long and will need MUCH more maintenance than good quality jobs.  And it will cost you much more in the long run.  Interlocking brick should last 20 years with only once a year sweeping, not 2 or 3 years.  Flagstone on a concrete base will last for 30 years or more if done correctly.  But flagstone on a limestone screening base will last only 3 to 5 years.  Or less.

2.    Use low maintenance materials.

Polymeric sand prevents most weeds in interlock and stops ant damage.  Good quality filter cloth will stop weeds in garden beds and mulched areas if you use the right one and it is installed correctly.  PVC decking just needs to be washed once a year with a hose, and no staining is needed.  Aluminum edging on paver areas will stop edge creep and sinking if installed correctly.

3.    Pick plants carefully.

Many plants have become available recently that grow slowly and to a small mature size.  And the choice of foliage colour is rivals that of flowers.  You can get beautiful four season plants that need almost no work.  And filter cloth and mulch will eliminate almost all the weeding.

Yes a low maintenance job costs more initially, but not in the long run.

Published in The Auroran
“Aurora’s Community Newspaper” in June 2012

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